H&H 源自於幾位自行車改裝愛好者的英文名字首,而H旋轉90度就是中文的工字。不僅代表著工匠之意,更代表著創辦者在產品設計上,對工藝與創新改良的熱情。

H&H is a brand that originated from a group of bicycle enthusiasts. The name H&H is derived from the first letters of their names, and the "H" is rotated 90 degrees to resemble the Chinese character for "workman" or "craftsman." H&H represents the founders' passion for craftsmanship and innovation in their product designs.




The designer (who is a 3C mechanism design engineer with a passionate hobby of riding and modifying bicycles) was invited to join a folding bike modification group. The group admin had commissioned him to improve the design of a Brompton Front Carrier Block, which led him to redesign the original plastic FCB into a lightweight and colorful high-quality personalized component with a metallic material. This product has received rave reviews.


Since then H&H has gained popularity in Taiwan and expanded overseas, and the company hopes to continue to develop more premium bicycle parts designs in the future.


關於新的商標 在申請商標時因H&H在不同行業別,相似的圖案過多,導致申請不通過,因此在2021年重新設計新的商標,由字母C、h、H、J構成,C代表的是Champion,期望能以冠軍為目標做到最好,h、H融合成一個字,代表著原來的H&H,J則是對設計師自己有意義的一個字母。4個字母形成小布的意像,代表與自行車相關的品牌行業。

In 2021, the company redesigned its LOGO because there were too many similar designs in different industries. The new LOGO is composed of the letters C, h, H, and J, with "C" representing "Champion" and the company's goal of being the best. h and H follow the original brand, and J is a character that has special meaning to the designer. These four characters combined to form an image of a folding bike.

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